2006 Alberta Provincial
Bodybuilding & Figure Championships
Lightweight Bodybuilding (Top 5)

Cheryl McCarthy
It's a bit of a rarity for lightweights to win an overall title when the calibre of the rest of the competition is so high. A surprised Cheryl did just that. No weak points on her, legs were particularly outstanding. Great abs too - that goes for everyone on this page - quite remarkable! Look for Cheryl to do some damage at Nationals, especially if she remains at this weight class, although bigger can certainly be better. 'Lean and defined' took the next few spots, a memorable posing routine from Liza Sunley.

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Cheryl McCarthy - 1st Place & Overall

Theresa Huarte - 2nd Place

Barbara Stannard - 3rd Place

Liza Sunley - 4th Place

Gillian Kovack - 5th Place


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