2010 CBBF National
Fitness, Figure & Bikini Championships
(Toronto, Ontario - August 28, 2010)

Jodi Boam - 1st Place Overall - Fitness
My first coverage of a show in Ontario, certainly an enjoyable experience. The competition was extremely tight but really a wide open field for anyone who peaked at the right moment. Great to see Maria Morrone receive a well deserved Pro Card in Figure and the same for Fitness phenom Jodi Boam. Bikini is still working out the kinks, Ontario's Justine Munro is an absolute head turner.
Maria Morrone - 1st Place Overall - Figure

Justine Munro - 1st Place Overall - Bikini
Huge thanks to promoters Melanie Horton, Laura Binetti and Julia Schatz for making it such a pleasure to cover. More soon as time permits. Official results are at the CBBF website.

(Please notify me of any placing or name spelling errors, thanks.)

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Trophy Time
Figure Short Figure Medium Figure Medium-Tall Figure Tall
Figure Masters Fitness Short Fitness Tall Best Fitness Routine Award
Bikini Short Bikini Tall

Overall Figure Comparisons

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August 28, 2010 and on...

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September 1, 2010

Figure Short Class - Jennifer Kaye Ontario

Figure Short Class - Lauren Jacobson Ontario

Figure Short Class - Nathalie Clermont Quebec

Figure Short Class - Stefanie Richard Ontario

Figure Short Class - Nicki Pimm Alberta

Figure Short Class - Jayme Galloway Manitoba

Figure Short Class - Angela DeFrancesco Ontario

Figure Short Class - Katrina Kocielska Alberta

Figure Short Class - Maranda Lessard-Kerr Alberta

Figure Short Class - Kathleen Butler Manitoba

Figure Short Class - Maria Robertson Saskatchewan

Figure Short Class - Marcella Cameron Alberta

Figure Short Class - Pamela Watts Alberta

Figure Short Class - Kari Werner BC

Figure Short Class - Manon Tessier Ontario

Figure Short Class - Tracy Ord Alberta

September 2, 2010

Figure Medium Class - Maria Morrone BC

Figure Medium Class - Sasha Herwig Manitoba

Figure Medium Class - Christina Falva Carvalho Manitoba

Figure Medium Class - Rosa Valente Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Marla Grant Alberta

Figure Medium Class - Lara Williams Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Lisa Lattery Alberta

Figure Medium Class - Nicole Jackson BC

Figure Medium Class - Amber Forrest Alberta

Figure Medium Class - Christine Lanois Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Kristin Biggs Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Vanessa Pipoli Ontario

Figure Medium Class - Jill Koot Saskatchewan

September 3, 2010

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Erin Harding BC

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Melanie Oberg (Cheang) Saskatchewan

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Shelly Yakimchuk Saskatchewan

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Rachel Davis Ontario

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Breanne Seward BC

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Debbie MacRae Nova Scotia

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Angela Doucette Ontario

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Melanie Falvo Manitoba

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Claire Hayes BC

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Myriam Cantin Quebec

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Leah Johnson Nova Scotia

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Jo-Ann Broda BC

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Claudya Genest Quebec

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Jacqueline Gallacher Ontario

Figure Medium-Tall Class - Samantha Yonev Alberta

September 4, 2010

Figure Tall Class - Emily Zelinka Ontario

Figure Tall Class - Michelle Krack BC

Figure Tall Class - Sheri Fischer Ontario

Figure Tall Class - Krista Cowie BC

Figure Tall Class - Samantha Hyacinthe Quebec

Figure Tall Class - Lindsay Orange Alberta

Figure Tall Class - Lisa Gordon Manitoba

Figure Tall Class - Marcia Olson-White Nova Scotia

Figure Tall Class - Monika Pocsaji Ontario

Figure Tall Class - Yvonne Fennelly Newfoundland

September 5, 2010

Bikini Short Class - Solo pics

Bikini Tall Class - Solo pics

Figure Masters Class - Chantal Milot Ontario

Figure Masters Class - Avril Mamo Ontario

Figure Masters Class - Lynda Jager Ontario

Figure Masters Class - Rosanne Rayfield Ontario

September 10, 2010

Fitness Short Class - Jodi Boam Ontario

Fitness Tall Class - Renee Berard BC

September 13, 2010

Fitness Short Class - Amanda Woods Manitoba

September 14, 2010

Fitness Tall Class - Sharla Cowling Manitoba

September 15, 2010

Fitness Short Class - Dallas Rae (Vickell) Manitoba

Fitness Short Class - Joyce Wiedeman Manitoba

September 16, 2010

Groups/Comparisons - Prejudging I

Groups/Comparisons - Prejudging II

September 17, 2010

Groups/Comparisons - Finals

September 18, 2010

Fitness Short Class - Debi Bartlett BC

Fitness Short Class - Coco Kissack Manitoba

September 19, 2010

Fitness Tall Class - Noelannah Neubauer Alberta

Fitness Tall Class - Laura Stevenson Quebec

September 19, 2010

Fitness Short Class - Shelly Paton Manitoba

Fitness Short Class - Kim Scoffins BC

Fitness Short Class - Sheena McLeod Saskatchewan

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