2002 NPC USA - In Retrospect...

Looking at results as of this writing
in 2003, whether from shows I cover
such as the Jr. Nationals and USA's
or others such as the Team Universe
(lucky for them just preceding the
blackout), a number of competitors
have distinguished themselves by
moving up in the standings. Some
have already been or will be
featured reaching new heights.
Being closer to the stage of
course helped so lots of nice
material from 2002 is worth

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Jamie Troxel - 5th Place (Lightweights)
Jamie finished third at the 2003 USA's and won her
weight class at the Team Universe. Excellent, well
balanced physique!

Tricia Travis - 6th Place (Lightweights)
Tricia moved up to fifth at the 2003 USA's,
so performed at the night show.

Maya Stone - 9th Place (Heavyweights)
Maya's already been featured in the 2003 USA's report.
She trimmed down to middleweights and won the class!

Maribeth Rossi - 9th Place (Middleweights)
Maribeth showed significant size and definition
improvements and came in fifth at the 2003 USA's.

Kimberly Becker - 7th Place (Fitness Tall Class)
D'oh, I didn't realize Kimberly had done fitness
in 2002! Figure competitions this year included
second places at both the Jr. Nationals (took nice
photos at poolside there) and at the Team Universe,
qualifying her for figure pro shows.

Teri Mooney - 7th Place (Fitness Medium Class)
Teri made the most of 2003, third in her class at
the 2003 USA's and winning the overall in fitness
at the Team Universe, qualifiying for pro status.