2002 NPC USA - Middleweights

As I mentioned in last
year's report on Jeannie,
very improved in 2002
and at the time of this
writing had just won
her division at the
Nationals in Dallas.
I'm not surprised
and am sure she
looked awesome!
Added a few backstage
photos to round out
this feature.

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Jeannie Paparone - 2nd Place

Tami Tucker
Repeating what I said in an earlier gallery, "in a field of 26
competitors, narrowing it down to 15 is a difficult task in a
blink of an eye and many got very little time onstage". Tami,
however did not go unnoticed. Standing between the eventual
winner and runner-up during comparisons may have been a
mixed blessing. To me she looked right at home - nice size,
shape, definition and very ...er photogenic. Had she been
in the lineup further along, may have stood out a bit more
favorably to the judges. Didn't catch up to her till late
in the day (can't be everywhere at once) but did arrange
for a photoshoot the following day. Tami's been a certified
personal trainer since 1994, is a gym owner and the '96 NPC
South Carolina Overall Champion. Her return to competition
was winning the Overall at the 2001 N.C. NPC Mountaineer.
As an NPC judge, the current South Carolina NPC Women's
Representative and contest promoter, she's certainly
contributing to the sport both on and off the stage.